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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...


No matter what, the Captain was responsible for having sailed out of port in a ship that was not seaworthy
Again this is not a fact that is wasnt seaworthy. You keep beating this drum, but this has not been proven,. Posting something you do not know to be true and pretending it is fact is dangerous. Someone might read it and mistake it for fact and actually beleive it. Just because you find a few posts from people who comment on it, you dont know this for sure. There are conflicting reports even from even the people who were on the boat. Until they are examined with challenging questions, the repair records, the maintainence records are examined BY PROFESSIONALS, which has not been done to date you can only claim this. It is not a fact and should NEVER be posted like it is.

These are errors that had tragic consequences, errors that a professional captain should not have made under any circumstances. These were no mistakes, this were gross errors. You have already basically agreed with this.
What I have agreed to is That IF IF the records show that he left the dock and he knew/ thought he was putting the ship and himself in danger then he made a gross error. It is still just my opinion like yours is yours. I do not beleive anything is factual until it corroborated. So while I rush to an opinion here where we differ is I do not rush to judgement.

So it seems clear that we agree on that and that is the basic issue.
We do agree on this. But I dont say it is a fact until proved so. Until then It is your...and my hypothesis. Thats why I refuse to judge.

About the rest there could exist or not mitigating circumstances and the interest of this thread is not on judging nobody since the facts are self evident, but to try to understand why it happen and the details regarding all the situation.
Again there are no facts yet, just conjecture and snippets of information from many and varied sources. None of which are on the record as of yet.

This is not a court and we just make educated guesses based on evidence
Evidence is circunstantial and heresay right now thus my example of my time on on the jury where the circumstantial was not correct at all

I am not judging nobody, I just manifest opinions based in what I know and most of all based on the opinion of the ones that have a much better informed opinion, namely tall ship captains or even professional mariners.
They are still speculating from their own reference points that is the tall ship captains. I put no credence in any of the other posters on gcaptain as I am a member and can post there and have no experience to speak of with this.

I am sure that the CG will have a lot more facts than us and will be able to pin point much more accurately what happen and most of all why it happen.
Totally agree with you here

Meanwhile I will continue to try to find more relevant information just because I am interested in the subject and in trying to understand how this could have happen
Understood. me too, but whatever I find till its cross examined and challnge it will not be a fact.

Regarding that, I think that is of paramount importance for the CG investigation to know if this was an isolated incident that had (or not) as mitigating circumstances an undue pressure from the owners of the boat to be able to attend an already booked calendar or if it was normal the Bounty to sail in heavy weather, I mean if this was not an isolated event but the only one that went wrong.
Totally agree, Was Robins job threatened? Was there undo pressure put on him? If so why did he leave and still not just stay put?

I don't even know if the CG is going to investigate that, but even if they don't do it, I will continue to have the opinion that will be important to understand the origins of this accident, meaning why Bounty's Captain had chose to do what he has done
I understand They will investigate this

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