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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
No matter what, the Captain was responsible for having sailed out of port in a ship that was not seaworthy
Again this is not a fact that is wasnt seaworthy. You keep beating this drum, but this has not been proven,. Posting something you do not know to be true and pretending it is fact is dangerous. Someone might read it and mistake it for fact and actually beleive it. Just because you find a few posts from people who comment on it, you dont know this for sure. There are conflicting reports even from even the people who were on the boat. Until they are examined with challenging questions, the repair records, the maintainence records are examined BY PROFESSIONALS, which has not been done to date you can only claim this. It is not a fact and should NEVER be posted like it is.
Probably just me, but I view the notion of "seaworthiness" as more of a relative term in most cases, rather than something that can be established as an empirical "fact"... We see repeatedly here, how miserably most attempts to classify or define what makes a "Bluewater" boat wind up failing, for example... I'd suggest any attempt to "prove" whether the BOUNTY was "seaworthy", or not, would entail similar difficulties...

Only thing I can assert with any certainty, at this point - just my opinion, of course...

After seeing some of the various photos posted of the engine/generator/machinery spaces, and viewing the YouTube of the BOUNTY lying ahull in what appeared to be near-gale conditions at most, well... that wallowing pig was most certainly not a vessel I would care to be aboard, anywhere in the remotest vicinity of a major hurricane... And, she certainly was not "worthy" of being placed in a position between such a storm, and Cape Hatteras...

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