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Re: Any Cal 22 Owners?

When I wrote that I'm not sure I realized that light boats are going to round up easily in a good breeze. I don't mind sailing in a good blow. Having sailed on a few other boats of similar size since then, I think my weather helm is perhaps just a bit beyond normal. I did ease the backstay, which helped. I'm by myself almost all the time too. I remember the first time I had two guys that new how to sail with me...they jumped up on the rail and the boat was instantly balanced in 15 knots+. With just me, 12-14 knots means reef to keep the boat from excessive heel. It's surprising how much one or two people on the high side will balance our boat....Or even just me using the tiller extension and getting my 190 as far out as I can.

If you are in the light stuff all the time as you mentioned, single handing will be great. Of course if you are flying spin, you'll probably need some more hands to race efficiently.
BTW Does 4ktsb's translate to sail boats that go 4 knots? If so, I want to claim we have a 5ktsb's. I can go to wind routinely just above 5 knots per gps...5.5 when the bottom is clean. My top speed to date is 7.4 knots per gps...that was on a run and became a little scary.

Sailed today again. 45 and sunshine. 8-10 knots.
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