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Re: What to do?

Originally Posted by Capt.aaron View Post
I know, Exactly my point. Throw a big bag of lentils and wheat berry's and you can eat fresh sprouts the whole way. If you do it right you may end up with more food on board than you left with, Fill your cockpit with soil and plant some corn, Dry half the kernals for replanting later. Ground up the fresh kernal's into flour and make tortillas. This is the only way to get all the nutrients you will need from the corn. Another great source of protien, take along a pregnant pig. You can surgically remove legs and parts with out sluaghter, untill the off spring are of size and continue this from generation to generation. It's a bit morbid I know, but it's how sailors of day's gone by did it. Worked for them and should work for you. I never tire of fresh pulled pork tacos, add some pickled habanoro peppers and you should never have to pull in to resupply.

sheer genius. i can't believe all those dumbasses who think stuff is so hard to do. Maybe if they covered coastal circumnavigation in ASA 563 more people would know. Look here, Chris Columbus discovered the best country on earth with only a home made compass and enough nuts to follow it.

I blame West Marine. Who do you think is behind all this "oooh, sailing around the world is scary!" mumbo jumbo? Could it possibly be the people SELLING you the stuff you need if you do it the hard way??!!!! It's all about money and control, bro. If you can make people have fear, you can control them. Once you control them they will give you their money.

It's so clear, man, when you shake the chains that enslave your brain.
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