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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Pinta was a caravel built in Spain,,,deck 56 ft weighed approx 60 tons
Nina was a caravel built in Spain,,,deck 50 ft weighed approx 60 tons
Santa Maria was a Nao (carack) built in Spain ocean going deck 25 feet
weighed approx 100 tons

Bounty was a Collier built in Britian ocean going..deck length 90 wieghed
approx 215 tons
New Bounty built Nova Scotia....ocean going...deck length 120 weighed
approx 410 tons
Of course, all those ships were Ocean going vessels and still are even if the difference to modern boats is huge. That does not mean that any of them is seaworthy sailing an Hurricane.

None of them, not even much bigger and more modern wooden Tall Ships would be seaworthy in an Hurricane. Many in their day were sunk by smaller storms than an hurricane and no Captain of those ships would even think in sailing an Hurricane if they new that it was out there waiting for them. They would all try to evade it, staying in port or running away from it. That is basic good seamanship.

For being seaworthy in an hurricane I mean a ship that can handle a hurricane at sea with a good safety margin, not one that can eventually get away with it if luck plays a big role in it.

Even today there are not many type of ships that can sail a hurricane. The huge majority when goes out of port not to be damaged there by it does so to run away from the hurricane not to sail it. They can do it because they have the speed to out run a Hurricane.

That was not the case of Bounty that did not try to run away from an Hurricane, but tried to sail it out. Bounty had not also the the speed needed to run away safely from an Hurricane.



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