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Vendee Globe

The battle between those two has been great. It seems I was right. On the last post I have said that it seemed to me that Armel was slightly better at the strategic play and François slightly better at pure speed and this seems to be a pattern now:

Armel overtook François when the game was strategic, François come again and overtook Armel on the Drag race. Time for Drag race now

Last night the third, Jean-Pierre did not look to be doing the right speed to the wind he has. Now we know that he has problems: He had to go up on the mast and it is the second one that does that with the boat sailing and this time it seems to have been in even worst sea conditions than Stamm. I would have loved to see a video with that stunt.

Vendée Globe 2012-2013 - Tracking

All explained here with detail by them and more :

How quickly the hunter becomes the hunted. Francois Gabart (MACIF) re-took his lead on Wednesday morning, 15 hours after losing it to Armel Le Cléac’h (Banque Populaire). They also both passed the halfway mark on the theoretical mileage for the race and seem destined to play cat and mouse round the world. Just as Armel The Jackal chewed his way to Gabart slowly, likewise Gabart fought his way back a mile every hour. Gabart is just 5.3 miles ahead of Le Cléac’h and only 20 miles to the north as they race in the direction of the Auckland Islands, south of New Zealand.

Matthew Pryor

For several days now, third-placed Jean-Pierre Dick has been unable to use two of his headsails - his staysail and gennaker – on Virbac-Paprec 3. The part that holds the top of the sail was broken. Despite the extreme southern latitude, Jean-Pierre Dick climbed up the mast last night (French time) for a dangerous operation that lasted two hours and allowed the Nice-based skipper to replace the damaged part with a new one.

“I had been waiting for favourable weather conditions to climb up the mast for several days. It is a risky type of operation but I had no choice. You’re by yourself, there’s strong wind and a rough sea and, to top it all, it’s cold and you’re in the screaming fifties. Needless to say, you ask yourself a lot of questions before climbing up there.
“I waited until the conditions were calmer and I set Virbac-Paprec 3 running downwind to slow her down to 10 knots. Climbing up the mast and going down was quite perilous, you’re shaken right and left, I wasn’t very confident. I managed to replace the damaged part.

“I’m very happy I did it because in this part of the world, you don’t get that many opportunities to go and become an aerial acrobat. Virbac-Paprec 3’s potential is back to what it used to be, which is great news for the rest of the race.”

Captain's log, A. Thomson: " The pilot accidently gybed the boat "

I was in my bunk this morning when the pilot accidently gybed the boat in about 25 knots of wind. It was not an enjoyable moment, having your whole world turn on its side in an instant. I felt the boat start to go and jumped out of my bunk to try and get to the helm to stop it but I only got as far as the companion way before she went, and then she was on her side. It took me a while to get the boat upright again and then gybe back. I did a check around the boat and it seems that I got away with no serious damage. It is really rough out here. Very bumpy and really confused waves. I am trying not to go too fast at the moment as she starts to slam a bit.

Yesterday highlights:

Day 39 highlights - Tuesday, December 18, 2012 por VendeeGlobeTV
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