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Re: Reefing a headsail???

The (relatively insignificant) problems with jibs with 'reef points' are two fold:
1. the large 'overhang' of rolled up foot material that extends 'past' the new reef clew cringle.
2. the need for a 'stout' means to control the jib luff tension (a jib cunningham, etc. affixed to 'strong' reinforcing patches). Without a cunningham-like means to control luff tension ... not the luff itself but the sail material tension immediately behind the luff, you will get 'scallops' between the hanks which will tend to 'permanently stretch' the sail cloth between the hank positions. A jib cunningham on a jib with reef points will help prevent this.

The use of a (slab) reefable jib, etc. is a VERY good way ensure good sail SHAPE, especially needed for going 'upwind' in gnarly conditions. This is a strategic advantage over a roller furled jib that typically can only be 'roller reefed' to approx 30% sail area reduction before the shape -- goes all to hell and you get extreme bagginess in the important luff section and thus lose important 'pointing ability'.

I prefer the jib, etc. reef points to run along at an 'up angle' towards the clew for two reasons:
1. if carefully 'angled' you dont have to reset (much) the fore/aft position of the jib fairlead car.
3. the resultant higher (new) clew position will be 'far above the deck' for less trapping of 'green water'. Another way to state this is the my reef points are arranged so that I effectively change a relatively low clew 'normal' shape into a 'yankee' shape with 'high' clew when deep reefed.

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