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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
What I cant understand also is that why many of you arent looking for the other people who are and may be responsibile here.

Your focus on Walbridge and almost tunnel vison approach may be blinding you from focusing in on the other culprits here the owners

Its almost like a Law and Order Episode. Who said follow the money in a previous post. Thats a smart idea

Who stood the most to loose if the ship sank
Who stood the most to loose if the ship didnt get to St Pete
Who had the power to short cut the maintainence issues
Who had the power to spend more money and hire more experienced crew
Who has remained totally silent
Who made the decisions on outfitting the boat, quality of materials, pumps'
Why isnt the owner upset that this " irresponsible captain" acted on his own and sank
his ship and why has he not spoke out.
Answer to all these questions is the man with the money..the owner

Beware the man behind the screen pulling the strings who you can not see. It is to his advantage that the Captain takes the whole enchilada of blame and responsibility

Usually in liability cases % of responsibility is assigned
I myself looked for others to blame, did CG or harbormaster order them out of port, or did owner? Could not find evidence of any of these. I agree the owner probably put some pressure to set sail as they wanted to get to FL for a show and probably did not want ship damaged as it was for sale (although what was the ship insured for?).

In the end, a person in this position needs to handle the ship as they see fit, and be prepared to walk from the position if need be.
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