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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
I really dont like the idea of speculating as thats what I spoke against.

I will present a scenario- Disclaimer:Everyone this is not real...I am not saying it happened as I dont knokw if it did so dont go War of the Worlds on me and start using it as fact.

The owner calls up Robin and say to him. get the Bounty out of there. There is a storm coming up the coast it may hit New London. I dont want it destroyed at the dock. Wallbridge says to him, I dont want to go. Owner says to Walbridge you go or Ill fire you and get someone to move the Bounty like I did before in Florida and I will make sure you never find work again in the Tall Ship Community. We are a small community and I can make that happen

Thats tough pressure.
Not necessarily... Easy solution, has already been offered numerous times here...

Go hide behind the hurricane barrier in New Bedford...

Or, head up to the Hudson...

Or, head up Delaware Bay, and thru the C&D Canal...

Or, any one of several other options, which given the forecast at the time, would have exposed his ship, and crew, to minimal risk...

I find it pretty difficult to imagine that a ship's owner who ordered his captain to sail into a hurricane, would ever be in a position within the TSC to ensure that a captain who refused to do so, would "Never be able to find work again" within said community... Seriously?

Dream on...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
You know whats odd here...we have heard no one from the Bountys owner tell us, we told him not go, we questioned his decision about leaving. Maybe its because they didnt and cant claim that, You would think if they were trying to move themself away from liability here they would have issued at least that statement already. The fact that they havent may be because that statement would be a lie. The in fact pressured him to leave.

All this is mass speculation in my pea brain the other way just as I accused others of doing. hey I can do it too I just dont like saying it, I really dont want to do that. I did this on your asking Minnie and dont want to speculate.
Well, you're probably better just sticking with your professed reluctance to speculate... (grin)

We saw this in the wake of the loss of RULE 62, as well...

Anyone who ever thought that the owner, or any one representing him, was likely to weigh in here to clarify whatever questions we had, was delusional...
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