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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
To all of us that that seems to be a true statement. Corse we dont know if he was ordered by his owner so until that has been determined that is not a fact, but a strong assumption. I dont even want to reignite the discussion he should have stayed against his owners wishes. I am sure the CG investigation will bear that out.
Now that I see everyone jumping on my quote of "there was no reason to leave," I realize most people thought I was referencing Bounty, when I was in fact, referencing every single other TallShip on the east coast.

(As an aside, I giggle every time I see my name referred to as a "he." I am most certainly of the female persuasion Sparkle Plenty was a character from the old Dick Tracy comics.)

However, if you once again compare Picton Castle to Bounty:
Bounty did not at this time have any paying crew or paying passengers. As far as I understand, her entire crew were paid.
On the other hand, Picton Castle most certainly had paying trainees/passengers as well as paid crew. I do understand that she has a loose-ish schedule of when she is expected to be in her next port during her circumnavigation. What this means is that while there is an understanding that weather can throw a wrench in plans (whether it be due to lack of wind, postponing departure, weather systems to sail around/away from), I am sure that a paying trainee/passenger expects to arrive at their departure port at an approximate date. In other words, I am sure that when Captain Moreland delayed his departure more than a week there was some strain. Still, Captain Moreland decided what was best for the entirety of his ship, crew, and passengers. (If you read Rigel Crockett's "Fair Wind, and Plenty of It" you will get an understanding of the tension I am talking about.)

I will reply to the rest of your questions in another post, so that I can catch up a little.

Also, for those still thinking that the Facebook page was authored by Captain Walbridge, it wasn't. It was written by a young lady who worked in the office.

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