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Re: Battery Sizing - am I crazy?

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
"Maintenance free" is usually a dirty word. It means a wet lead battery, which will need to have the electrolyte topped up for best life, but with the cells conveniently sealed up so they can't spill and you can never add the electrolyte when needed.
It was a clever idea in the 70's but now, I think everyone would agree that either you want a battery that can be maintained (i.e. plain wet lead) or one that in theory never actually needs topping up (AGM or gel or Lithium, truly "sealed valve regulated").
I assumes the cells could be topped off by opening the caps on top, I didn't open them in the store but every lead acid battery I've bought had something similar to top off the electrolyte. But now that u mention it it does say maintenance free... Im confused...

I would love some agm batteries, but the only brand I find locally in auto shops etc is optima, which are known to be great batteries but just way overpriced, $4 per amp hour more or less... if anyone knows a good brand of agms and where to get them let me know, but shipping costs generally preclude internet ordering or else I'd have two trojan 6 volts and never worry about it again lol
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