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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
I agree with what you say.

My post is really to simply answer the posting(s) of those who still want to supply false statements like the Bounty was a movie prop. What happened is aggregious enough with adding in a piece of flase information which may cause some...maybe even a newbie to imagine that they were sailing away in a cardboard model that was to be burned and had no value.

Also the original design was changed. Of course most knwledgeable know that will change the saiing characteristic of the vessel. Thats why I am hoping this is gone over in the inquirey. It may have contributed to making the Bounty unmanageable in some conditions. This would be a good lesson to learn for the futire so this mistake is not made again also. I amstill going through my posts as I distinctly rememebr a gentleman who oposted about righting moments and inspectuions of vessels. He in fact had something to do with testimony on a vessel and was a lifetime naval archetecht.

The person you speak of analized the first Pride. I cannot remeber the name but it is located here in this thread I believe. The analysis was pretty complex and I don't quite follow it all, but what it led to is the Pride II being designed a lot diffierent from the 1st Pride. I believe the CG called for a lot of the changes after the Pride sinking. They raised the free board and changed the ballast as I remember. Note that the first Pride was built to the original design of a Baltimore Clipper. It was originially to be a dockside attraction to stay in the inner harbor. After it was built, it was decide to take her to all parts of the globe.

I think this is it:

Note: read through the entire thread posted above.

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