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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

Originally Posted by PCP View Post

I don't know if you are making it intentionally or not, but you are using the same intimidation techniques that others have used in this thread.

Actually, it was intentional and directed to the person who challenged me. If one challenges, expect to be challenged. As to special qualifications, I am just saying that in such matters, an engineer (retired) probably knows more than a chef* as to structural and design issues....neither being qualified in the sense of being a naval architect. You, me, and everyone else has a right to express their opinion on a open public forum like this.

Not sure if it bothers others, but I don't like to see posters put down because of their opinions, nor intimidated with personal attacks, or have what they posted distorted. I, for one, will not be intimidated, and if one tries, they should expect to receive the same treatment in return. If you will note, my issues are with a particular poster who, in my opinion, distorts what people have said, must always get the last say, and failing that, issues personal attacks against people.

We are all different individuals with different backgrounds, so our positions on any question are likely to be different. That's ok, it's an open discussion. But opposing views shouldn't be mistated, overstated, or posters intimidated. I'll try to be respectful when expressing my ideas, and hope others will do likewise.

Along that line, I noticed a certain retired naval architect that posted earlier on one of these threads was challenged in a mean way by that same poster, only now, we find out (in recent postings by others) that he not only knows the field, but has done extensive work into the stability of such vessels, and we are seeing his documentation. So, we, me included, need to be careful when we challenge someone.

I apoligize to the forum if my posts have been distracting in anyway, but I don't like it when I am attacked, nor when I see others attacked unjustly or misquoted, or putdown. The nonsense about a cardboard ship with toilet paper sails is an example...who ever said that? And Mantus being challenged? And a 16 year old newby desperate for advice in advance of hurricane being put down? And many more.

* Culinary Administrator w/ Political Science and Psychology Degrees....a correction

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