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Re: HMS Bounty in trouble...

I'm going to say this entire discussion of is Bounty more or less a movie prop is kind of ridiculous, and somewhat besides the point.

The answer is that knowledge is not easily accessible. As far as I can tell, the only reason we have specs on the original was because of what Captain Bligh wrote in his journal. There may or may not be actual plans floating around, but I don't know. I have a friend that may be able to give me more answers regarding stability etc as he researches maritime disaster for a living.

Speaking of, and something for you all to chew over for the weekend. My friend sent out a FOIA request to the USCG for all of their inspection and COI documents. When looking this over, as it will take some time, please know that the main reason Bounty received COIs so frequently is because each time she visited a port as an "attraction vessel," that is, as offering dockside tours, she was boarded and an inspection made. For attraction vessels, the USCG primarily looks for multiple boarding/exiting gangways, fire and evac plans, and how many people are required to "man" each deck, etc. (for more info, check out page 422 of this pdf ( Now that I think of it, the first museum I worked for was considered an attraction vessel and had a COI. We were required to have a minimum of one person on the weather, 2nd deck, and one person on the 3rd and 4th decks, also multiple fire extinguishers, water hoses and hookups, and designated entrance/exit gangways. Plus we frequently ran fire and evacuation drills (we had overnight programs, and would run these drills when new students arrived).

Really, before you start fighting and calling names, please check with me if you have any questions about these documents and I will consult with my friend. Never have I seen such silly, nitpicky, fights among what I respected as grown adults. Hence my radio silence.

So, onto the fun stuff:
The USCG has an "information exchange" and one can search just about any vessel that has been involved in an incident or had a COI. I spent a couple hours last night looking up my former ships. This is Bounty's page

Also, if you haven't seen this, this is eerily similar to the recent events.

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