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Re: Opposition to liveaboards

Originally Posted by fallard View Post
Wow, has this thread gone off track. If folks are objecting to others' behavior that is affecting their property or quality of life--if that is the case--that isn't envy.

Folks who live ashore on the waterfront and are paying inflated taxes have a legitimate complaint when someone appears in view that--in effect--is is not equitably responsible for the cost of public services. That applies to the land side, as well.
Folks living on the waterfront often have problems grasping the concept that there is a point where what they own ends, and that they don't own the entire ocean, within their view. Do they also consider it their right to put up a road block at both ends of the block, to stop anyone from driving on their private road, theirs because it is in their view, and thus their property? That would be the same logic, or lack of logic. They also sometimes have trouble grasping the concept that those swinging to an anchor shouldn't have to pay for the huge increase in comforts and services which they are paying for, which those swinging on a hook don't get provided so conveniently. Some also have trouble grasping the concept of supply and demand, in that the fact that they choose a squandering lifestyle and type of home which a huge portion of the human population demands, automatically means the price is higher.
Complaining that those on the hook are needing less, and are thus enjoying the freedom which that gives them, having lighter demands, and thus a smaller environmental foot print, is pure envy , plain and simple.
Such complaints imply that everyone should be forced to live a lifestyle of squanderism, which would take several more planets to sustain, and that not squandering their kid's future is immoral, and should not be allowed.
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