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Re: S2 7.9

I suppose that I should give a point of reference to make it easier to see what I'm asking about. We currently own a 17.5 foot "micro cruiser" keelboat (its a Renkin 18) which displaces 1220 pounds, has 450 lbs of ballast, a draft of 2 feet, and a sail area of 150 ft^2. The S2 7.9 displaces ~4500 lbs with 1750 lbs of ballast, 5 feet of draft (lift keel down), and has sail area of 329 ft^2. Intuitively, to me anyway, it seems that the motion of the 7.9 and its ability to "bust through" wave action should be SIGNIFICANTLY better than our current boat due to both its increased mass, ballast, draft, and mast height [lending increased rotation inertia].
Now, a story:
The wife and I took the Renkin out on Grand Traverse Bay over Labor day and were having a great time sailing around until the wind picked up from 8-10 knots to 20-22 knots and starting building waves to 3-5 feet. We ended up bringing the sails down (because they don't have any reef points..something that really really needs to be added if we were to take that boat out like that again) and motored back, which wasn't much fun and bounced us around a lot. Long story short: the wife said that we needed to get a bigger boat or she wouldn't want to do that again, so I want to make sure that I'm not making a mistake going for something like the S2 that has a bunch of qualities I want in sailboat and (possibly) compromising too much on the (relative) "comfort" factor. The Renkin was also rather bouncy at anchor when we slept on it, which I would like to reduce as much as possible..

Thanks for your thoughts!

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