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Re: Production boats- justified bias?

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Been following this thread now for days and have greatly benefited from the "wisdom" of our senior members. Explored many of the boats mentioned especially the Boreal 44/6. Their cds and our corespondance furthered my interest. However bringing the rode to the mast base, worrying about electrolysis and having a "european galley" not so much. Rather have a good gyradius by having all the tankage in the center of the boat. Ended up with an Outbound as I think Carl was ahead of his time. The basic design for the 46 is now ~13y.o. but every one shows evolutionary changes with significant advancements from the one before. This is a feature I think one sees more commonly in small run "production boats" be they from scandinavia,France,Netherlands, China, US, New Zealand or south africa. The basic tooling and the molds are fixed but it seems more problematic for the large manufacturers to make major changes to the infill and vendors of components. Think my new "house" will be safe,weatherly and fast with a excellent comfort motion. With a hard dodger and bimini comfortable in all climes improved. As you spend more time below than above and as little time as possible at the wheel the modern comforts and beauty of the internal structure are important. As with everything you get what you pay for and when dealing with the variables of mother nature moderation may have it's virtues.
My impression that the Atkins derivatives ( valiants/PSCs etc.) or other "slack bilge" designs still may make more sense below ~40' for a voyaging boat but above that modern hull design shines?comments. Still nervous about the hull lights/ports seen in recent designs. ?Anyone one have problems with those or the large runs of glass on the houses. ? Wonder what our senior members think is the "ideal size " for a boat. Once heard it said that due to the physics of our oceans and weather 40-50' allows for the best compromises in design.
You've made a great choice, IMO... I love the Outbound, that's just too much boat for me (financially, of course, but size-wise, as well...)

An Outbound scaled-down to about 40 feet, however - for me, that would represent absolute perfection... As to your question re size, 38-40 is my ideal, but that's just me... I'd never want to own anything more than about 44', most anything I deliver bigger than that scares me... I suspect they scare many of their owners as well, that's why I get the call (grin)

good luck with her, what a beautiful boat...
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