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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Originally Posted by hannah2 View Post
All right PCP, I can't agree with you on this one. I think it is great the Vendee is a highly commercial race same with the Volvo and the America's cup type races. But races like the Sydney to Hobart race, the Newport to Bermuda race and a lot of old traditional races need to be left a little more alone from all the big stuff.

I have a feeling a lot of Ausies want this to remain somewhere in between a race for the rich and a race for the fair dinkum beer drinking sailor. One where even the little guy has a chance.

I mean if all those Bendy toys are in the race and doing well there may be more Fosters Larger drank than wine at the end of the day.

Just my 3 cents worth.
If the Sydney-Hobart race or the Newport to Bermuda race are not raced by the best sailors and the fastest boats ( and that means professionals) and remains like they are when others are raced by the fastest boats and the best sailors what would happen is that the Sydney-Hobart and the Newport-Bermuda race will lose the status of great races to become provincial amateur races.

My point is that I want that the Sydney to Hobart and the Newport to Bermuda races continue to be major races at international level.

But I see your point regarding amateurs having fun even if most of them are millionaires or at least very rich guys. Even small boats need a considerable crew and most of the guys on top crews are paid to race. Not really professionals but something in middle term. I know some of those guys, that crew for millionaires

A race that is raced at top level by professionals as the main audience event does not mean necessarily that it could not be raced also by amateurs in different classes. As a motorcycle racer I have done many races that counted for the world cup but you can bet that the big media coverage and the public was not there to see me or the hundreds of other amateurs but the 30 professional racers that where way faster and more spectacular.



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