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Re: Mooring bouys

Originally Posted by Faster View Post
It's a bit better lately, but around here we 'lost' a lot of decent anchorages, esp the one-or-two-boat coves to fish farms. Many have moved on but I wonder about what's on the bottom after they leave.

We also have a lot of historical boom grounds, now abandoned but it's always a crapshoot dropping a hook in those areas.. you could easily end up hooked on an old chain, a 100' length of steel cable, and old winch bed....
The "boom grounds" we don't have. The aquaculture pens we do. Anything biologically active they leave behind doesn't last long. Their anchors? Good point. I haven't considered that bit of fairly recent debris. They are required to move their gear when they leave. I don't know how closely that gets monitored. I expect the scrutiny is fairly acute along this coast. If for no other reason than the salvage value. Lobstermen and scallop draggers won't put up with a blind hazard like that in fishable ground.

I have needed to move a lobster trap after unwrapping its float from my rudder at my mooring. Sometimes I shorten the float line a bit with a couple of carefully tied knots. The fishermen fish the harbor and set among the moorings. If I find one tangled up with me I move it using my Avon before going aboard TD. Those fishing grounds overlap the mooring field. The 10 minutes it takes me to sort it out isn't a big deal. It is often a young fisherman getting started in the business who also lives in the harbor. There is never a problem. They do a good job avoiding other people's stuff while they make their living.


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