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Re: Life 10.0

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
The boat seems to have a lot less stability (stiffness) than the Pogo 10.50 that is 600kg heavier, has a lot more beam (3.45 to 3.90m), just less 20cm of draft and seem to have a very similar keel. I cannot find the ballast on of the Life 10.0 but on the drawings there seems not to have there a substantial bulb. It has less stability and carries more sail? Scary...since the Pogo carries already a lot of sail.

For being fast is not enough to have a lot of sail, it is also necessary to have the power (RM) to carry that sail and it seems to me that the Life 10.0 should be very tricky to sail without a racing spirit not to mention autopilot use.

That boat in a windy day with gusts should be very difficult to sail upwind even with a racing spirit. maybe with a full crew on the rail, but than, it is not properly a cruising boat.
Hi Paulo,

The design and specs are not set yet, but they are aiming for around 1300-1400 kg ballast. The boat do have a fair amount of sail area but as I have mentioned before there is not always strong winds in Sweden The idea is to take the first reef at 8-10 knots of wind, so that light wind performance donīt suffer to much. I guess the Pogo is set up for heavier winds.

The 7.5 hasnīt done to well on the races this year, but itīs a new boat and probably takes some more time to get the best performance out of it. I like the concept of the 10.0, it would be the right size for family cruising, yet small enough to be easy to handle shorthanded.

The reason that they have released some information and drawings in this early stage is that they want input from people before the set the design. This is a good idea, but there are also negative aspects like it wonīt feel new when they release the first production boats and the hype might not be there any more. The yard says first boat is not to be expected before spring 2014, I think even that might be optimistic. I would have loved to have the opportunity to sail one before I decide on my next boat, but I think decision will be made before 2014 Still have to get rid of the damn motorboat though

//Mr W
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