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Re: Atlantic 43

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Ok, here you have my favorite. I was interested in the boat some years ago but the price was out of budget. The Atlantic 43 costs more than Half a million of Euros. The price has to do with the boat being a lot more complicated than a center-boarder with all the weight inside the boat. It is also a Dutch boat and Dutch makes very good boats (and have a big tradition in aluminum boats) but also very expensive boats.

Of course I like it strong but also like it fast and in what regards stability this boat is a monster

The boat, in the version of bulled lifting keel has a B/D ratio superior to the ones of the Boreal or Allures (40% to 37%) and that is with the keel up. But contrary to the other two boats that have the ballast inside, the Atlantic has the ballast on the keel, most of it in a bulb so when the bulb is down at 2.95m it will provide a RM massively superior to the ones of Boreal or Allures as well as an even better AVS.

That means a very seaworthy boat and a very powerful one, able to maintain a lot of sail up with bad weather, and off course, a very fast one.

The boat has a weight close to the one of the Boreal and is lighter than the Allures. It has the same beam has a Boreal 44 and also two rudders on its transom.

On the shipyard they say about the boat:

Atlantic 43: Aluminium cruiser with flexible draft between 1,30 till 2,95 m in combination with double rudders. Aluminium sailing yachts .. for the absolute heaviest conditions during your worlds travel. Our yachts are real "All-Weather-Go-Any-Where" cruisers. The Atlantic 43 is designed by our yard together with naval architect Dick Zaal. They are unique in its kind and notable for robust, flowing lines, lifting keel and twin balance rudders. This combination ensures excellent sailing performance, to be compared with fixed keel boats, only with the advantage that the draft of the boat (lifting keel) can be changed. The combination of lifting keel and twin balance rudders makes it also possible to beach the boat, enter shallow waters, to arrive later in tidal harbors or to leave earlier.

Well considered design plus painstaking selected rigging makes the Atlantic 43 sailor-friendly. An ergonomically designed deck lay-out allowing for all sail handling to be carried out singlehanded. The Atlantic 43 is imbued with comfort, exactly for those moments when required the most: at sea. Real comfort is not defined by built-in contrivances, it is more a question of ergonomics: sitting, working and resting while underway should be comfortable. The custom built interior reflects the discerning taste of the owner and will be tailored to your requirements. Each Atlantic is a sturdy, safe floating home and a reliable investment for the owner. The craftmanship required to achieve the build quality is readily apparent and adds to the pleasure of sailing.

Ok, to be fair boats like the Allures or the Boreal, not comparable in righting moment, power or speed have two big advantages: Price, simplicity and easy maintenance.

If I had the money I would exchange all that disadvantages by the superior stability and speed of the Atlantic 43 but all that being following this thread knows that I like very fast boats and boats that provide a lot of fun to sail.

For me the Atlantic 43 would fit more my style but I am not saying by any means that it is a better boat than the Boreal or Allures or that it would fit better other style of sailors. I am saying that this is also a great boat and one that can join the other two at the top of the ranking of voyage boats that can go anywhere.
More than a year ago I had already posted about this boat, here it is what I have said than:
The Atlantic 43 is definetly a purpose built cruiser. I find it interresting, that it is available in two keel configurations. Lifting keel with torpedo bulb and swingkeel, with differrent saloon layouts.
It is apparent the lifting keel would be more performance oriented, but how about the possibility of damage from running aground. It seems the swingkeel would be more forgiving in that regard. Any thoughts??
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