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Re: Mooring bouys

Originally Posted by JonEisberg View Post
Not necessarily... Every time I return to Maine, I'm seeing more and more "Destination Moorings" being placed by individuals in prime locations, apparently with little or no regulation whatsoever... A place like Perry Creek on Vinalhaven is a prime example, now choked with private moorings that might have been placed by some hedge fund manager from Boston with a summer vacation home in Camden, and used only on Saturdays thru the summer, or during the month of August...

Those Morris 42 "Weekenders", or Friendship 40 Faberge' Eggs aren't really meant to be anchored, after all... (grin)

Friends of mine in Maine tell me this phenomenon is becoming a serious annoyance... Perhaps Maine Sail or Down will weigh in on this...

This issue was raised in OCEAN NAVIGATOR a decade ago:

Are private moorings crowding Maine waters? - Ocean Navigator - January/February 2003

And here's Curtis Rindlaub's take on it from back then, I would guess his opinion has likely hardened a bit in the interim...

MAINE COAST: Cruising the Maine Coast => Vacant moorings
That's really disturbing. I didn't think it had gone that far. Never heard the "destination mooring" term. I can see all sorts of problems with those from clogging anchorages to a lot of junk being left for someone else to remove. That gets back to the question of who's in charge here? Sounds like there needs to be some clear federal regulations about percentages of anchorages that can be used for any specific use. If people want these destination moorings, maybe there should be an allotment. When it's full, it's full. I'm not usually a fan of regulation but this seems to be an issue where government could actually do something useful. Since people are crossing state borders and navigation/safety issues are involved it would have to come from the feds. Space can be allocated for these "destination" moorings, local boater moorings, military/le moorings, transient moorings, and unrestricted anchorage areas. This does not sound like brain surgery to accomplish.

What a beautiful boat!

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