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Vendee Globe

Those solo racers are not only great sailors but also great human beings. They come all in help of Stamm and if the jury maintains its position in what regards the disqualification of Stamm they will look as the bad guys since the public is also with Stamm. Take a looK:

Jean le Cam:

For me, Bernard acted as a good sailor, he did everything to save his boat and he is penalized!

It is as if a man finds himself at the edge of the cliff, he may fall, there is someone who extends his hand and he should answer him: "Well, no, because it’s the rules, so please don’t help me" and he falls off the cliff!

I’m desperate. If what happened to Bernard is not a case of force majeure so I do not know what it is. I sent an email to the jury this morning because we cannot make such a decisions.

It is important to realize that in the future we can no longer provide assistance in cases of immediate danger, fearing the disqualification. Should we let our boat be wrecked?

Jean Pierre Dick:

I just woke up and I heard about Bernard Stamm’s disqualification. I find it outrageous; I am shocked by this announcement. The jury's decision seems totally disproportionate to me.

Bernard Stamm has committed an infraction of the rules. I can understand he can be penalized for it, but not like that. Disqualification is really strong. It's unbelievable! It was case of force majeure, Bernard acted as a good sailor to secure his boat.

Our projects require significant involvement, hard work from the sailor, the teams and the sponsors. Bernard is fighting every day against the elements. I think it will be fairer if he remains in the race with a penalty. I want the jury to reconsider its decision.

Dominique wavre:

I sent an email to Bernard to express my solidarity and my friendship. It really is a great misfortune that falls on him. Well of course I know Bernard, he is a good friend and we’ve lived very intense moments together. I do not doubt for a second that he acted as a sailor, and did what he needed to secure his boat. I do not want to make another comment, judge the jury or anything else. I just want to say that I am with Bernard.

Mike Golding:

"The Vendée Globe is the pinnacle of offshore racing, solo and without assistance. To preserve the fundamental ethos of the Vendée Globe we have to live by the sword and die by the sword. Part of the lure of the race is that it is without assistance and so places the ultimate premium on self-reliance.

I think I can see the thinking behind the decision. The rules are the rules and all that. But I think when you know all the story about Bernard and you know the situation he is in now, facing a good chunk of South Pacific to sail across and then icebergs at Cape Horn and the problems he still has, I think it just doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel like the right thing. ..…… I am very, very sad for Bernard and I hope he can get an appeal together and stay in the race.

Poor Bernard, he'll be devastated. I really empathise with his situation and with almost a duplication of what happened in the last edition, the safety of the boat and those around him must come first.

The race, for the leader, is about being the leader, but for the boats that are further back, including myself, the race is about the atmosphere at the start, the atmosphere at the finish and the amazing adventure you have in between. ..

I think the reception Bernard gets as he goes up the canal in Les Sables d'Olonne, will be, and should be, equal and perhaps greater than the boats around him... I think everyone in this race, and everyone of his followers and the followers of the race will be really upset by the prospect of a seemingly heartless jury, making a decision that perhaps they had to make."

Alex Thomson:

I wanted to mention what a shame it was to hear of Bernard’s disqualification this morning. While I understand the reasons taken into account by the jury I do feel it was quit harsh Given the huge amount of work he had done to get the Hydro working so he could continue in the race, and taking into account what happened to him in 2008 where he lost his boat it sounds as though he did what was necessary for the safety of himself and his boat. I really feel for the guy.”

Stamm wants to fight on

Swiss solo skipper Bernard Stamm has pledged to try and have his case reopened by the five person International Jury.

The skipper of Cheminées Poujoulat needs to give the Jury good reason to do so, by presenting new, additional information beyond that in his original submission, before Thursday morning.

It is the cruellest of blows for the skipper whose third campaign to complete the Vendée Globe appears to have been foreshortened in the Pacific Ocean, even after spending nearly four days in two different locations repairing his hydrogenerators.

Vivid memories of losing his boat in this race four years ago in the Kerguelen Islands in very similar circumstances, trying to anchor in 40kts of wind, will almost certainly have been foremost in his mind during this unfortunate episode.

He confirmed that he will continue on the course to the finish in Les Sables d’Olonne. Skippers and observers have already suggested the very popular Stamm would be accorded a huge welcome if he did.

Stamm, who twice lead this race, sounded despondent but objective when he told Vendée Globe LIVE today: “ When I saw my anchor was moving I called on the VHF to warn the other boat that I was getting closer. They are the one who told me I could tie up to them. I was running everywhere on the boat trying switch on everything.

When I came out, there was someone trying to pull up the anchor. I did not even have time to tell him to get off my boat, especially since we were dragging. I finished pulling back up the anchor and he fastened the line to his boat. Any sailor in the world would have done the same thing, and it happened so fast that I did not think what is specified in the rules Maybe the captain of the Professor Khromov can testify but I'm not sure he would bring any new elements.”

Day 54 Highlights por VendeeGlobeTV

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