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Why are there so few young people cruising??

They're subsisting in their mother's basement (Daddy's been sent/gone away because he doesn't have a job any more...), playing with video games. Or they're hanging out at malls in groups that are sexting each other with vid-phones, but rarely looking directly at anyone else.

per multimud: "Most young folks are so intimidated by the massive financial obstacle that they lose grip of any desire of adventure."

Or as another prior poster said, working at two dead-end part-time McJobs trying to make payments on their useless college 'education'.

Actually, the HS diploma youngsters who have gone into some craft are often better off. They may be able to get a used boat in a few years, if a second baby doesn't appear.

Sailboat manufacturers have come and gone over the decades and I reckon more will disappear during the 2010s.
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