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Re: Opposition to liveaboards

Originally Posted by smurphny View Post
People will band into tribes for just about any reason. In fact, if there's no apparent reason to oppose the "other" they'll make one up. Such it is with the "liveaboards" vs the "weekenders." It's the same here in ski country where we deride the "turkeys" who come from cities to enjoy the mountains. It's just a sad fact of human nature. "Live and let live" is a great, elusive idea.
That is a scientific fact. Some days ago I was truly amazed with a psychology study (and a movie about it) that studied the human behavioral comportment of kids with a year and less regarding knowing if the concept of evil is a innate or acquired one. The study was very interesting about that but as a bonus they found out that necessity of belonging to a group and viewing all the other as outsiders is also an innate thing. Probably is more older than the spices and comes already from our ancestors in evolution. Even in what regards anthropology studies of primitive tribes the concept of man was used only to the members of a tribe. The other men, with other cultures, were not considered man, but aliens and strangers to their world.

Even in recent times we can see the vilifying of others buy opposing to us. A good example in modern times is the way kamikaze bombers are looked: By one side as brain washed terrorists while the other side looks at them as martyrs and heroes.

That's an innate thing that we all should fight and substitute by tolerance, understanding and comprehension of the others mixed with the understanding that the rights of each person are not an absolute but that they have to be self limited or regulated in a way that they do not collide with other persons/cultures rights.

Not an easy situation in a crowded planet and much easier to manage in the wilderness with few people around than in densely populated areas.



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