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Re: Paradigm changing boats

Originally Posted by outbound View Post
Just finished reading the full/fin keel debate and learned alot. Many noted you get the whole package and the keel is just part of it. Wonder which boats our esteemed panel think changed the game and why? e.g.

Not sure how esteemed I am but will give it a shot. My sense is that paradigms don't get shifted very often so there will not be a long list.

Valiant40/42- you can sail the world and expect to come home
Tayana 37- you can do it and not be a millionaire

Without the Westsail 32 these two may not have existed. The Westsail started the whole idea that you could head off to sea. You could even get as a kit,

Prout 39- you can do it on a multi hull

The first significant cruising cat should be on the list. I will take your for it that this is the one.

Deerfoot- 2 of you can do it on a big boat
Not sure what paradigm got shifted here since really big cruising boats are rare. The move to bigger and bigger boats has been evolutionary rather than revolutionary. If this is the case the poster is likely the Amel since so many are out there and they keep getting bigger.

Dana- you can do it on a small boat

no paradigm was shifted here since the norm in the past was for smaller boats to be used. If you had to pick, maybe the Contessa 26, but it was of course based on the Folkboat. Maybe the best choice here would be John Guzzwell's Trekka

J 24- the average guy can go fast

lots of candidates but I would vote for the Hobie Cat or Laser

Cherubini- narrow and full keel doesn't mean slow
F27- go fast, fold it up and go home
Boreal 44- put all the weight in the middle then who needs a keel for a good ride
ETAP- who says only Boston Whalers are sink proof

All of these may be great boats but they did not change the fundamentals of sailing or cruising eg if sink proof was such a great idea why has it not caught on

Swan 46- it can be fast,beautiful and take what the sea hands out

again this boat did not change anything. Before and after it many boats aspired to be fast, beautiful, and tough. A fair number were successful.
All the best to you all
I think it is important not to confuse iconic vessels with game changers. Among the former would be boats like the Bermuda 40 and the Freedom 40. Among the latter would be Salty Tiger (hope I remember the name correctly), the fiest glass boat to win the Bermuda Race in 1969. After that plastic boats had to be taken seriously. Good topic to discuss.

After the refit we have decided to sell Ainia. We want something smaller that would be could for the light summer winds of Lake Ontario, although we plan to spend at least a couple of winters in the Caribbean before heading north.
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