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Re: Opposition to liveaboards

Originally Posted by smurphny View Post
Your taxes can't go by more than 2% with the new property tax cap, wisely signed into law by Gov. Cuomo. He seems to be doing a pretty good job. It is unfunded mandates that are bankrupting school systems. I am way upstate in the boonies and the taxes here are comparatively not bad. I do know people downstate that are getting killed by high RE taxes. Anyway, this is getting way off the OP.
Well all I can report is that in Marlboro, though I don't currently live there, I did look at a few houses there and know several people who do live there is going up way more than the 2%, as there are lots of loop holes, and it has to do with the Danskammer Generating Station and Roseton Generating Stations owner Dynegy failing to pay proper taxes the city of Marlboro and Newburgh (were I did just sell a house) are raising there taxes way more than 2%. Estimates are between 70 and 80% a year for at least the next two years. Nothing to do with unfunded mandates, but corporate greed and mishandling of budgets.

Originally Posted by DougSabbag View Post
Paul, what do you mean that "....people who liveaboard are home owners, and as you say in New Hampshire, pay property tax." ??

Their liveaboard boat is not a "home", it is officially a "luxury".
Many years ago, I was contemplating declaring bankruptcy, but learned that the first thing I would have to sell, was my boat, even though it was my only "home", because it is considered a luxury, not a home.

And no, we do not pay any "property tax". We may pay a sales tax (dependent on the State) when we buy a boat, but that is it.
Well it is a home as per tax laws as far a mortgage interest is concerned. In certain sates you pay property tax on all "personal property" including boats as I mentioned NH is one of those states so they do pay property tax yearly on boats.

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