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Re: Is this pro wiring?

Originally Posted by eherlihy View Post
I was just laid off from my "real" job on Friday. So, if those customers of yours are being a PITA to you, send them my way...

BTW - I'm currently in Ft Myers.

It depends, if I didn't have my real job, I couldn't have afforded to do the work, that one worked out to -2$ an hour by the end, for months of work. You sure you want them?

EDIT: not to say I'm not grateful to be working, but sometimes just having something to do isn't worth it. I'm not really a charity, though I often seem to end up being one by accident, without the tax deductions. I'd rather do good work, and get paid for it, but when I'm making less than minimum wage, or outright losing money just to stay busy...
On the boat in question, the wiring would be the least of my problems. I started the thread because I had doubts about the credibility of the seller and his claim about where he had the motor installed (and several other issues). Ironically, I suspect the seller would be the PITA customer Jgbrown describes. So, maybe the installation was done at the reputable shop and they cobbled the wiring together to get rid of him. Unfortunately, that comes back on them, as I now have doubts about a shop I previously held in high regard!
It might also be customer wired, we get that a lot, people wanting us to do the complicated parts, but they'll do the rest themselves on the cheap. It's their boat, we can only recommend encourage and suggest past a certain point.
Usually after that they'll expect it to be troubleshot and brought up to spec for free of course.

We'll never do work that won't stand up, #1, it doesn't suit either of our personalities, even cutting the corners that can be cut without harm is hard enough, but we would never do work that would compromise safety or function. The corners that might get cut when we're pushed far enough would be in terms of elegance and aesthetics more than anything. An engine that could have been painted to better than new spec with airbrushed detail work, will get a rattle can job for example. Still brand specific factory paint supplied by that company, but the end result is only 75% as nice. Still better than factory(hoses kept free of paint etc) but not perfect. Exhaust got a proper exhaust wrap, but not custom made reusable heat blankets.
The pic is before the edge of the engine bay was sanded down and repainted, you can see some of the fire damage there.

There is no excuse for cutting corners on the quality of wiring, ever. Tinned wire, correctly sized to allow for the expected power usage plus a bit extra, and good quality connectors corectly applied are required.
Perfectly organized runs, best practice labeling and paper diagrams of all wiring for later use later by the customer's next service tech require someone willing to pay for it.

Personalities and morals aside, it's also just good buisness. The worst customers are the most likely to sue. There's two in just the past 3 months who've threatened legal action, but they are the worst for constantly putting the screws to us to get it done with the cheapest parts(even better, used parts but still wanting the work warrantied as normal), forgetting to pay, or fighting for reductions in payment after the job is done. In both cases, something bad happened to the boat, but in both cases it was something we hadn't ever touched, one was a factory installed option, the other was installed by the customer. Their first action upon having an issue wasn't even to contact us to determine the nature of the issue, and see if it could be repaired or to see if we wanted to fix it, but to call the most expensive restoration companies in the area in the hopes of getting a nice little refit on everything that was damaged paid for by our insurance, and immediately after that, call us to request our insurance company's contact information, and to tell us we weren't allowed near their boats again.

They didn't even wait to find out the cause of the problems before phoning us expecting their free lunch. When told by both companies the source of the issue, they then called us back to have it fixed, asking for a reduced rate since they were such good long term customers.

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