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Originally Posted by Surfesq
I thought Camaraderie was supposed to be the new Freedom of Speech Cop...Why didn't he delete the Porno Ad??

As for anchoring forever anywhere you like? What are you high?

Stop and think for a second. Let's just say you actually worked for a living or maybe even hit the lottery. So now you own the big house on the hill overlooking the perfect bay. Yes, you love to look at the beautiful boats anchored for the weekend. But then some "No-Eat" floating homeless guy anchors his 22 foot outboard engined wreck and starts hanging his laundry all over the outside of the boat. Then you start hearing loud music piping out while he is partying with his other "liveaboard buddies." You try to do something about it but you realize he has a "PO" box and no other fixed address. Two years later after tolerating noise, dumping of raw sewage into the creek, the eyesore that is his boat, trash floating onto your call your Congressman or State Representative.

That is the reality here folks. We are not talking about people sailing through who anchor for a week or even a month.

What would you do if you had the property overlooking the wreck?

Excuse me but I would just like to call "********" here. The owner of the property doesn't own the view. Public waterways are public property, maintaintained by public funds. If the waterfront land owners don't like the view - they can build a fence. They aren't entitled to assess global laws to control property they don't own.

In the case of the derrilict boat owner, that should be addressed on a case by case basis - not by institituing global anchoring laws that affect ALL boaters. If the offensive boater is violating environmental or other laws, then punish him. Taking away rights of all boat owners is not the appropriate solution.

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