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Originally Posted by Capt.aaron View Post
I blame Hippity hop music. Find a person in ther early 20's who does'nt listen to exclusively Hip Hop music. It's all they know. 20 years ago when I was in my early 20's and living aboard/ cruising the Caribbean, we listend to a more organic, music orientated music, Kid's these day's want bling and ho's, not the slow, hard won satisfaction of dancing with nature. Even most of the young sailors of today are on racing circuts or kite boards. Playing at the beach I call it. There are a few young people with a call to the wild and a wander lust, as long as they can get service.
This is pretty funny. You're right for about 75% of the population, averaged & depending on where they live and how they were raised. I hold a lot of respect for your comments on sailnet, and I'm being sincere and respectful here. I totally understand why more 40+ aged adults feel this way about younger people (20-30 year olds) these days, we've certainly not proven to be very credible lately..and that's another subject.

In case you would like a refresher that there's still some hope for the 20-30 year old generation of wannabe thugs and cell-phone-clenching video game players, unable to be 100% responsible for their own lives, there are still some people out there who stand out of the norm. In my social circles, my friends listen to hiphop or house, the pop noise on the radio, party until 6am and sleep all day on the weekends. I'm 26 with a full-time career, I can fit in with them when I need to, then I can go hang out with my 66 year old dad (on his boat) and talk about all the culture and music from the 60's, 70's and 80's and have adult conversations about business and life and enjoy that more, as if I was a 60 year old buddy. Finally, when my 20-something friends see that side of me, they're actually kind of jealous, maybe they feel lazy, they're kind of tools of popular marketing. Additionally, I worked two jobs through college to reach a lifestyle of sailing, had a lot of fun and saved enough to buy my sailboat out-right. Now I have chosen to, because I want to, live on it full-time. Buying a house was absolutely out of the picture, I couldn't even decide where I would want to live for that long, but the boat was a perfect and easy choice. Having an asset, and a valued, "old-fashioned" hobby like sailing, definitely gets my friends to open their eyes a little and realize 'maybe it's time to grow up'. I think that the trend over the past 40 years is that teenagers don't match the same timeline and benchmarks of adulthood nowadays that yourself and people in their 40s-60s used to. Marriage happens at an older age, finding a secure job happens at an older age, buying a house happens at an older age, sometimes none of these things even happen to people until they're in their 30s now. So my guess is that picking up the interest of sailing will happen at an older age. Whether people were exposed to it as a kid or not, sometimes it's a passion a person doesn't know is inside of them until they're taken out on a sailboat on a perfect day.

I'm just one example. I haven't yet met someone my age who has the same values as me, but I am confident there's a lot of mature, enthusiastic 20-somethings out there for the sport of sailing. Yet Believe me, I wish there were way more people my age who participated in sailing, too. Maybe it's time for a prime-time reality show about it? (joking)

Hopefully things like the multi-hulls racing in SF (and on TV) this upcoming summer will spark some interest among all the 20-somethings in SF who will initially use it as a reason to day-drink and walk down to the water and if it sparks the sailing bug within them, then all the marketing campaigns and money poured into will eventually be reflected back into the sailing industry.

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