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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Originally Posted by Capt.aaron View Post
Well put. That's all true. You live in Hood River, so you are exposed to a much different crowd than say someone from...well, not there. Hood River is speacial and has a special bunch of adventure seeking young people. Key west is a lot like that. I have exposed many young people to the cruising scene, sailed many many backpackers around Central America over the last 20 years and still do. I've inspired countless people to buy their first boat and give it a shot. I was and still am the go to guy in key West when people young and old are looking. (There is a blue water, full keel, double ender at Robbies Marina for 500 bucks if any one is looking) I've brought 20 somethings to 60 somethings between Mexico and the Key's many times and am sailing down with my 72 year old father in law in april. I'm the youngest 42 year old on my block. My neighbor told me to pull my pants up the other day. ( I honestly did'nt have a belt, it was'nt a fashion statement) But I do see, however, a trend in the mass populas of today's young 20 somethings to be less interested in getting out there. It's true the cookie cutter kids never where the ones to get out there and the ones that have and do, are remarkable.
Capt Aaron, Your quote is well put and like many out there your a mentor. You also understand that out of the many millions of 20 somethings out there there are only so many that are interested in sailing as it has always been.

This thread is about, The future of sailing why are there so few young sailing.

I just don't understand some posters logic that there are few because of the cost of a boat, the economic situation we are in, or the young are preoccupied with phony self gratification. All that is true for sure but it has always been that way. But every 20 or 30 something that is out sailing has found a way around all that one way or another because it is truely what they want to do more than anything else.
There are many out there all over the world cruising. There are many more sail racing and lots of those will eventually go cruising when they are ready. Go to Marblehead, Hingham, Ma, Long Island sound, Galviston TX, San Fran, San Diego, Hood River, Seattle, every port in Western Europe, NZ and Aussy and you will see the sailing schools are full of teenagers and younger learning to sail. The right few of those will be cruisers some day.
I could give the blog or website to many young cruisers all over the world sailing and not only sailing but doing wonderful things for poor schools or medical clinics in third world countries. I will give just on example and I hope they don't mind me sharing their website with so many people.
Équipage - Juan Sa Bulan It is French but you can change it to English and just take a look at their photos and see what a great time they are having on their way to Cape Horn. That is what is out there and in my 40 years of sailing I don't see many changes in those who want to really go cruising. Again it does not matter the condition of the world those who really want to go find a way the rest just keep finding reasons not to.

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