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Congrats....They make life worth living! I brought my 2 and 6 year olds out this summer for the first time. It was also one of the only times my wife has sailed in recent years! We were on Lake Champlain during that intense heat wave in early august. It seemed like a perfect day to take the family out. I was on my Pearson 26, with the 150 geny fully opened. No waves, a break from the heat (somewhat) and a 5-10 knot breeze..ahhh just right for the crew. As we neared Thompsons pt I saw an ominous, puffy bank of dark clouds moving in over the mountains (still far away). I turned us right around, seeing as how a thunderstorm would put a damper on the day, and told everyone to go below for some food. Within minutes of tacking an intense gust hit us so hard it burried the ports! No clouds or waves or anything, even the ripples on the waters surface did not indicate anything too intense. I looked into the cabin to see 6 bulging eyes, not unlike those on a deer caught in a cars headlights. Before i had time to do anything, even before the boat went into the wind, the gust passed and everything calmed, but my windex was spinning in circles! Then the wind returned to its previous direction and speed. We kept sailing towards my mooring, but the thunderstorm blew away and we spent several more hours out. It seemed odd to me at the time because I was still not totaly familiar with the lake. It has since happened to me several times. On one occasion i could actually hear the wind coming at me on a calm day. It was whisling and gusting so intensely, i was like, what the hell is coming at me. Again it hit me hard, then passed and left my windex spinning! I LOVE sailing, now so does my 6 year old. Every chance she gets, she tells the story about how we alsmost sank our sailboat Man do i wish i was a carefree kid again, crusing my cat around Wells Beach, ME.
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