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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Originally Posted by Capt.aaron View Post
I moved on to my Grand fathers old sail boat when I was 18 because it was affordable housing. It was free. I had it out on the hook and worked in town. It was all I could afford. He had taught me how to use it so I started sailing around to places with a decent anchorage and little town to work in. That was 23 years ago. still have the boat on the hook and I live on when I'm not at sea on other boats. I see a lot of 20 somethings doing the same thing and hope more and more realize there is a surplus of baby boomer boats up for grabs. It's buyers market, look at that 16 year old kid from the other thead, he got one for free.
I revisited my original post on this thread to restate my original philosophy on the subject. I made an off the cuff joke yesterday about hipity hop music with some half truth thrown in to give the humor some weight behind it. That being said, there is a sh!t load of thick hulled, blue water ( by my definition) live aboards out there for under 5 grand. My boat would be hard to sell for more than 3 thousand dollars and is a few used sails away from another trip down south. Needs and wants are individual, for me, the comforts of the gadget boat is something earned through years of bare bones cruising, this way you realize 80% of the crap on the boat is just neat, not necasary. For instance, I have a thick well designed hull with no thru hulls below the water line so I should be able to float through all comers, this is a need. I have a slightly over sized rig and a strong home built rudder, I should be able to get some forward motion and steer to a destination, another need. Then I build from there. A compass makes navigation easier, Water, food, a mast head running light, an aviation style life raft an old wind surf board to paddle around on. I gutted the wire out of my boat and decided this year I'm using head lamps and 2 sticky backed lcd's painted red with nail polish for interior lighting. The only gadget on board that uses the house bank for electricity is the mast head tricolor so a flexi solar pannel matt is all the charging I need. I'm ranting on the how simple it can be, because IMO seperating needs and wants is crucial to the financially challenged youth in order to enable them to get started in the life. My take on bare bones was spawn from desire, handicapped by lack of funds coupled with the knowledege that dudes where doing it 500 years ago with more than I had at the time. K.I.S.S and "go small, go now" are more than just an acronym and mottto, they are actual truths. ...( oh yeah, the VHF, I often forget about this gadget cuz I almost never use it. It's on when I'm off shore and turned low enough hear, but I rarley hear any traffic out there and by the grace of god have never needed to call any body.)

" Some are boat wise and some are other wise"

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