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Re: Anyone ever work for World Maritme Exchange?

I have worked with WME Yachts Ltd for over 13 years now, and have never had a complaint. When I was trained I had no idea how to operate as a Yacht Broker, and WME Yachts Ltd training gave me the skill necessary to operate my yacht brokerage, the owner stayed with me and was there for every negotiation I went through, helping me make decisions and with their help I was successful in each of my sales negotiations. Yacht Brokering is a different business than most. I own three other businesses and Yacht Brokering is nothing like them. I have a great deal of experience in sales but without WME Yachts training and guidance I would have spent more time, more money, and most likely lost several sales that I was successful with with the help of WME Yachts.
I have read through all the comments about WME Yachts on this site, and the one thing I seem to notice and it seems to be a common ground among these persons making these comments, they do not know business very well. Some of their comments appear to be emotional.
WME Yachts is not hiring salespeople, like other companies, they are placing people into business. Like me I had a great deal of sales training and experience, however I would never had made it without the training and support. The other thing is this is my business, not WME Yachts, I work with them, they give me an office, an international image, industry data, but I am the one who makes all the decisions for my success. If I wanted to leave them and start my own business I could have. Some have. I have chosen to stay with WME Yachts. It is expensive to operate a yacht brokerage. In addition the services they give you are expensive. So I am happy to let them to all the back office work, and let me work with my people. WME Yachts has given several people and brokers, I know, the opportunity to be very successful. Some tell me they were well into 6 figures in commissions.
Take this for what it is worth to you, getting into business for yourself is a good thing. Being in charge of your schedule, you clients, your income, is a good thing. WME Yachts lets me do all this, all they demand is that you treat your customers with good service, and respect. I work at my own schedule, I work how I want, and WME Yachts has shown me how to create an annual goal and an action plan to accomplish that plan. It works good. I hope some of the people who are taking shots at WME Yachts, have gone into the business of yacht brokering and have been successful. The one thing I can say is that I accepted the system that WME Yachts gave me, followed it and I have been successful. I know others who have decided not to follow WME Yachts system, and they struggled. Some quit. Maybe some of these people on this site are people that decided not to follow the WME yachts system.
I took the time to write this because WME Yachts has given me everything they said they would. They would not have an A+ rating with the BBB, if they did not give their brokers what they have in their contract with the broker. Good Luck.
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