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Re: What's Wrong With This Picture??

Originally Posted by Maine Sail View Post
Bingo!!!!! We have a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's wrong with the photo is;

In a marine application the double pole main breaker is intended to interrupt both the NEUTRAL/WHITE wire and the BLACK/HOT wire. The main breaker should not be jumpered like that to break only the BLACK/HOT wire.

Red is also an improper color to be used on this particular panel. Red wire denotes 12V DC + or one leg of a 240V AC system. This is a 120V system and as such only BLACK/HOT, WHITE/NEUTRAL and GREEN/SAFETY GROUND are to be used not red. While not the main problem it is one of the many smaller "issues" ....

The other major issue on this boat was that the AC/DC grounding bond tie was non-existent. The GREEN AC safety ground wire is to be tied to the ships DC grounding bus, it was not.

OK now thump chest and give two thumbs up!!

This is what the panel looked like a few hours later. Notice the difference in how it is wired. The top two wires, white and black are the AC input from shore. Out the bottom left of the breaker the white/neutral leads back to the AC neutral bus for distribution and the black/hot feeds the individual branch circuit breakers out the bottom right of the main AC breaker

If your boat is not wired to interrupt both BLACK/HOT and WHITE/NEUTRAL, in a fault, please get this fixed..
By looking at your work, I believe you could be a big help to me. I need to rewire my mast. Currently it only has a steaming light. I would like to add spreader lights and a masthead light. The mast is deck stepped with wiring internal. There are no external plugs or connections. There is currently two wires that power the steaming light which is disconnected by a two pin marine plug for mast removal. There are two more pairs that are stubbed out from the cabin top and terminated. The breaker panel lists the extra pairs as "spreader light" and "spare 1". The breaker panel also has a "spare 2" but I'm not sure where it's wire is run. I'm mechanically inclined but electrical stuff confounds me. Any recommendations for tackling the project would be must appreciated. The mast is currently in the backyard on saw horses and I'm rearing to go.
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