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Re: Full or fin keel?

**To sum it all up the ideal boat for one person might be totally wrong for another**

Couldn't agree more Wolf...and it's been said before on this lengthy thread..but bears repeating...but this IS a captivating thread for the ages and though me and others may tease him... I like all the technical angles that Jeff and other keen and knowledgeable proponents bring to the table as much they offer is very educational. and illustrative of many principles in play in a moving sailboat while in my case not always quickly understood...and as I learn more...and who knows..I may indeed someday understand that Jeff or others are right about the superiority of the newer wider lighter boats in most compared to older designs...but would still not feel I have lost the debate...perhaps to some degree because demanding shorter-term racing applications seem to be the yardstick for many who espouse the newer thinking as regards boat performance...or not..
Either way I will likely remain skeptical of higher-tech modern theory ...despite the improvements and new thinking it has brought ...especially in materials... and will do so mostly while in the support of that block of sailors who must sail older boats out of necessity in light of the economy or other reasons many in the sport face, and must thus retain a certain real and extant confidence in these earlier craft they sail ...and for good many are indeed fine boats.
So "better" is, as often is the case, a very subjective word and I expect to remain sure that the truth about superior boats lies somewhere closer to Wolfenzee's above summation...or to the effect of "...different boats for different folks..."

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