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Re: Full or fin keel?

Originally Posted by Jeff_H View Post
And if we compare that to a boat that is lighter overall, but it has a deep draft keel, with a higher ballast ratio, the bulk of the ballast carried in a bulb, its maximum beam carried to a single point in the deck so that there was less deck area near the maximum beam, a lighter weight hull, deck and interior as well as a lighter, but taller rig, it would be easy to see that the second boat would potentially have less of a likelihood of being capsized, and it is likely that the second boat would roll and pitch through a smaller angle, and would probably have better dampening and so roll and pitch at a similar rate to the heavier boat, in other words offer a better motion comfort....
That is your opinion.. there are many of us that would argue forever against this because we have experience with light boats and heavy boats. I guarantee, if you do not pick the heavy boat over the light boat in rough water.. ask your wife.. she will set you straight in a heart beat.

You guys that think the bulb keel is the savior of all RM clearly seem to forget that the RM is determined by the TOTAL BOAT DISPLACEMENT acting at CG of the boat through the moment arm, not the bulb hanging off the end of the stalk.

The keel mass is picked to create a particular righting moment to counteract a heeling moment. This can be achived with any keel. And it just so happens, if you put more mass on the keel at a shallower draft, you get the added weight you need to create a more comfortable boat.

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