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Re: Stay out of Georgia

Originally Posted by Enigma0 View Post
"Now I have heard stories of Tow BoatUS claiming salvage when pulling off of sandbars even for those who had coverage, not sure if you are talking about one of these cases? It does seem there may have been a rouge franchisee, but not enough to damn an entire county for bad practices."

Yeah, if you hit just one wrong key, as in 'rouge' as opposed to 'rogue', trolls ridicule. Despicable, and I reckon, after watching this forum for a few months, they are used as stalking feral calf-killing dogs to single out and pull down the thoughtful and principled posters.

I could name names, but I reckon those with their heads down and who live in abject fear of posting the 'wrong thing' already know. The real philosophy of this place is Caligula's.

To your remarks: Aside from legal action, there's always other considerations. let your fertile imagination roam, but not wild.

My posts are not so much stream-of-consciousness as they're allusive, erudite and grounded in history, like those of your American Founders. Doubtless you will complain that they are "very hard to understand" as well. Sad, for what they wrote, their addresses, and their letters, are so full of wisdom.

A series of incidents must damn a place, for when the perps are also a series of persons, then something's rotten in the state of - Manatee County. Why not sit with the older folk in a marina circle sometime soon and get them telling you about the places to avoid. Bring a bottle of the good stuff.
This post is about as useless as sucking farts out of a dead horse.

Why are people happy to accept science which makes their life easier while rejecting science that makes their faith or beliefs more difficult?

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