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Re: What can i get done in the winter?

Looking back, here's what I got done in RED:

I have a long list of things to do over the winter: order new hatch "glass" and installing it, buy and install a 2nd (tiny) bilge pump and hoses to get remaining water out, put 1st bilge pump's float switch slightly lower in the bilge, buy new flares, do some some engine (gasket) work, climb mast (we are in the water) with my orthoscope to see how to run wires in the mast conduits, run Cat5 cable and power cable in the mast conduit (for long range wifi), finish installing the webcam, connect bilge pump alarm (and 120v relay) to webcam so I get emails when the pump goes on (or when shore power gets disconnected), change oil, change zincs, sending fridge and freezer compressors to seafrost for rebuild, install on-off switch for fridge and freezer internal lights, add some stoppers to seal-off the battery bilge area from rest of bilge, insulate closet exterior walls with indoor-outdoor carpeting (maybe something better), buy another 90H danforth for our summer mooring, buy other mooring items, remove furler (furler and "top" piece) and send to Profurl to be refurbished, get stack pack resewn in a few places, run tensioners from clew to the stack pack's lazy jack attachment points, buy replacement dinghy seat (ours was stolen), buy/install a new Sirius antenna, buy a kill-a-watt (done) for shoreside power measurement, setup internet TV, sand floorboard edges so that one floorboard can be lifted easier when it's humid, cut stackpack batton so it fits much better, get better storage bins for tools and supplies, organize tools and supplies, install the dump load for the wind gnerator, balance wind generator blades and speed brake, seal deck in one spot, get and install a new LED anchor light, get new LED interior light for one of the heads (LEDs work better in this one spot, due to incandescent overheating), put freezer and fridge compressors back in (after I get them back from refurbishing), vacuum & charge fridge and freezer systems, install a new lifeline that I got, (put new lasy jack line on (done), and there are some other things that I need to do.

Some other things too, or things on the list done a bit differently.

How are your projects going?


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