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Re: overwhelmed w/ electrical

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Great picture of the anchors Maine hanging in the splice
It's a great picture. You can do the same with a plastic tie wrap. Who wants to lay down and take a nice long nap under them? Nah. Me neither.

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
A lot of electrical equipment comes new with a short run of wire for example VHF. mascerator pump, diaphram pump etc usually has a 4 ft length of wire so you have a choice if your run is 15 ft to the back of the panel. You can properly butt splice the two wires which came with the unit meaning heating shrink as well or you can take all the wires off and run 2 continuous wires to the panel, except you have get to put the inline fuse and splice the positive side anyway.

Properly done as you said its just as good an install. I dont go out of my way to use them, but there are times when it only makes logical sense,


Totally agree. Just don't do a butt splice and then bundle thirty wires around it and then wrap it all up with electrical tape. Ten years later some poor schmoe who has no idea why he has intermittent power flickers will have no idea where to look.

I'm tapping out. It's crazy to continue arguing over butt splices of all things, so I'll stop. I am obviously in the minority here.

My whole intention of my original post was to warn a non-electrical Original Poster about the dangers of using butt splices. I stand by that. If nobody agrees then I'll just admit to being a crazy old coot. I'll just shake my cane at people who use them and say, "You'll be sorry, sonny! Maybe not today, or next week, but you'll be sorrrrrryyyyy!!!!"
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