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Equine and cattle gases.

Originally Posted by miatapaul View Post
Well sucking farts out of dead horse is actually very useful. It brings down the bloated belly so you don't have to dig as big of a hole to bury it. Not a fun job but saves time!
There's a device that looks like a hollow awl which is used to relieve a bloated cow (or horse).

But for large dead animals it's just easier to dig the hole (you'll need an excavator unless you're addicted to very hard labour), put in a layer of wood chips or scrub stuff, next shove in the dearly departed, pile on more fuel, pour on much accelerant, and burn all in the hole. Stand up-wind and drink beer until the flames are well down. Then shove over the dirt.

If it was a good horse (and most are far better than their owners), a Viking sort of wake during the fire may be appropriate - music and whatnot.

Forget those who have no honor for anything except their own bellies. They deserve oblivion and no markers.
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