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Re: Retractable Bowsprit DIY

Originally Posted by peterchech View Post
A few posters mentioned using the spin pole instead of bothering with a sprit, and that has been mentioned recently on SA as well, but I just don't understand how the tack of the sail is attached to the end of the pole, how the pole is kept from rising up (tweakers? downhaul?), and how it would be jibed. Could someone explain?
No different from tacking it anywhere else, though I usually use a soft spectra loup at the pole end for attaching the tack line block... Some might want to add a light line from the shackle trigger back inboard if you need to blow the tack, but I never bother with that, just seems like something else to get fouled...

The use of a foreguy and afterguy is essential, IMO, to really stabilize the outboard end of the pole... With the additional downward pull of the tack line, you should see very little movement of the pole... I'm a big believer in the use of a foreguy and afterguy led back to the cockpit when cruising, especially shorthanded, even with just a whisker pole... FAR less drama, IMHO...

With an inner forestay like mine, jibing is definitely a big production... I basically have to snuff the sail, then re-rig the pole on the other side, and re-set...

Ideally, you want the pole closer to horizontal than in the pic below... On this afternoon in the breeze was coming up to the point where carrying the chute was getting marginal, and I'd just lowered the pole end down from where it had been, in an effort to snug everything up a bit, and minimize the oscillation... but I dropped it pretty soon thereafter, I seem to recall, it was starting to get a bit hairy as the seas began to build a bit more...

Originally Posted by peterchech View Post
Just out of curiosity, what kind of angles can one expect from a typical/basic cruising spinnaker tacked to the bow pulpit on an older boat like the op's? Can they be used for light wind beam reaching or even hotter?
Check out the sailmaker's websites, everything you need to know is to be found there...

North Sails: Downwind Sail Performance Guide
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