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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Originally Posted by wolfenzee View Post
That gadget fascination falls into the influence of marketing industry hype.
I was actually hinting to the Dr. that the gadget and 'gear' fetishes may be a kind of unified psychosis. Wonder if anyone has ever done the work to find out if gadget nuts are also peculiar or deviant in other important ways.

Originally Posted by wolfenzee View Post
There are a number of threads in a couple of forums where I have to defend my use low tech/KISS principle/doing stuff myself etc. People have the attitude that there is something terribly wrong with doing something in a way that you have to think and/or know how things work and/or do it your self or just not have the latest, greatest fanciest etc...
I'm with you; I really dislike using something without knowing precisely what's in it and how it works. The more 'convenient' something is the greater the likelihood it's doing something you either don't need or is positively dangerous in some way. Like those cell-phone and digital cameras that embed GPS coords...

Originally Posted by wolfenzee View Post
I have an old wooden boat, people can't imagine why I go to all the trouble to boat is a piece of artwork, beauty takes work (though not much if you keep up on it, MAINTAIN is the route of the word maintenance.
I'm far more relaxed. Polishing and all that takes away from actually using the boat for me. And from socializing. Maybe if one had children and they worked on the boat with you, that would be a good venue for a home-school environment.

Originally Posted by wolfenzee View Post
When I make something I often receive something I haven't figured out is an insult or compliment. People see something really nice I have made and say "Where did you get that" is that because they think I am not capable of such work, or the quality is "professional".
Just take it as a compliment. Most urban folk, unless they're another wood-working or wood-boat enthusiast can't really appreciate what they're looking at. Another boater or country person might be acting snide, but then it's probably just envy.

Originally Posted by wolfenzee View Post
One nice thing about the salesman that convince the people who can afford it that they NEED the latest, greatest, fanciest.....that some really nice stuff goes on the used market for us poor sailors. Example......Radar was one of those things I figured I would get "someday...maybe" was waaaay down on my list of priorities. Someone got the latest greatest color display radar w/built in GPS.......he sold his SL-72plus RaYMarine, which he never got around to installing in the first place ..... complete radar, for $125
Yup. The 'gotta have it' folk fill the second-hand market and stores with some real goodies. And quite a lot of not so good efforts to snare their dollars. You have to study on it, and know what you're looking at.

I hope you didn't/don't encapsulate your wood on the inside. Else that gibe about "rot held together by plastic" might come true. However, the teredoes may find the tiniest cracks or holes into which to bore, so that outside shell. must be perfect.

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