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Re: Retractable Bowsprit DIY

Originally Posted by peterchech View Post
I see. So ur basically setting up like u would the symmetrical spinnaker, except you have one extra line, the tack line. (Foreguy/after guy is the same as guy and spin sheet, right?)
I have a usual spinnaker boom setup for dip poole gybe. (Topping lift, Foreguy/downhaul and Pole heel lift)

There are six lines on the sail;
The four standard lines for asymmetric (halyard, adjustable tack, sheet x 2 rigged for outside gybe)
+ guys x 2 attached to the tack (the furler in my case).
Originally Posted by peterchech View Post
Sort of eliminates the point of a cruising asymmetrical though, which is to simplify downwind sailing. By the time I set this up for my cruiser, I might as well just throw up the symmetric and have less complication to deal with!
Don't know if I agree with you.
Setting the asymmetric.
-clip furler onto tack line & guy's (use soft shacles to attach guy's so they can also be rigged after the sail i set)
-clip on halyard
-From cockpit
-Tighten tack (done by hand) to pull the furler out on the end of the bowsprit
-Unfurl while taking in on active sheet

If I need to use the spinnaker pole (normally light conditions DDW).
-set spinnaker boom on mast
-Put the windward guy in the jaw if the spinnaker pole
-Adjust Topping lift & Foreguy
-Winch in on guy while easing tack

To gybe (can do the hole gybe w/o leaving the cockpit)
-ease the guy while winching the tack tight (cabin top winch)
-Stabilize the spinnaker boom using Foreguy & topping lift
-Execute a standard outside gybe
-rest pole if needed on new tack.

I use this for cruising, seldom sail straight lines - normally I sail different courses with the asymmetric up.
So this give me a wider usable angle in which I can use the asymmetric.
-No need to switch between spinnaker/asymmetric
-On less sail to carry and spend money on
-Fore deck work with boom only when I need/want it

Originally Posted by peterchech View Post
Still, it allows deeper angles for those with asyms so it's cool in that sense. Eliminates the only advantage that symmetrical kites hav on the race course. I haven't seen one flown off a pole yet at the race course, but maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough. maybe I should pretend I invented the technique ;-)
As i wrote i previous post, there are short hand racers around here who use it for racing.

One reason you haven't seen it on the race course can be
-rating rules
-type of racing (windward / leeward favor symmetrical)
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