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Re: Minimum extended cruising requirements.

I think for a trip like that, with that many people, you need a good sized Catamarn to be comfortable for any more than a weekend. I've crammed 5 people on to my little sloop and hot bunked it to Mexico for a few week's, but we were young 20 somethings. Knock the number of people down to 3 adults, and then any 30 something monhull will do. But 5 is a lot. 5 people is a lot to cram in a cockpit or below in weather on a 30 to 40 something mono. Now if it's you and your wife and two adult kids, how Y'all get along is known only by you. Is one of 'em a daughter? I only ask because she may need a little more privacy and water than two son's. Girls will say '"hey that's, that's sexist",....... then they need some privacy to wash three feet of hair. Just say'n. I've cruised extensivly with women and some are saltier than me, but when some of their girlfriends would visit from suburbia, we would make some accomidations beyond our norm. As for a safe weather boat. a 45 Westsail would be a good one. Every time you add one person you add a sh!t load of problems, that much more food, water, gear, bedding, farting, moodyness, the balance of group dynamics, the size of the dinghy to lug everyones landlubb'n a$$ around in. The size of the liferaft and emergancy rashions. If you can afford the 50 something foot mono it would take to accomidate 5 people, may as well go multi. They are more stable, quicker, and provide the 4 heads and 4 staterooms with one on the couch that you'll need to provide everyone with the basic privacy to get along for extended periods. Once you get offshore on a mono and heel over, there is only the low side of the boat to function on, basically cut in half down the middle. On a big cat, you have the whole boat to get out of eachothers way. Even then it will be crowded. Why 5 people? Is it 2 couples and a single dude? bad Idea, is it a couple and three dude guest's, bad Idea. Is it 5 dudes, fun for the weekend, but bad for long term. 5 trained, paid, and disciplined merchant marines with an established chain of command is different than 5 townies stuck on a seemingly at first big sailboat that get's tiny and crammed by day 3. I'm guessing this is you and your significant others dream, and when you sit around talking about it, your freinds say, "I'll go, I wanna come" so basically it will be you and her, and from time to time a guest or two or three, and rarely will they all be able to join you at once. I would say, if you need crew for a passage, take on one extra, some one to keep a watch. Then as I said before, any 30 something with a pilot berth will do.

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