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Re: Perkins 4-108 Fuel Injector Pump Leak

Originally Posted by Letrappes View Post
It's been about two months since I originally posted about this. I was very hesitant to get into this project due to never having done any real work on a diesel other than changing oil and filters. So this weekend I finally got into it.

Due to the tight tolerances below the heat exchanger I had to pull it off in order to get at the fuel injector. I will never say anything nice about whoever designed the mounts for that system. There was just enough room to almost get a socket on the four bolts that mount it to the engine but not enough room to get your hand in there. I had to ask a friend to help and luckily she is 5'2" <100 lbs and has small hands that could get in there. It is absolutely crazy how that is mounted.

So after a few hours draining the system, pulling the heat exchanger off and figuring out how to take the throttle off the fuel injector pump I found the seal that was the problem. I took my time and was as clean as possible and managed to get the old seal scraped off the pieces. Putting the new seal back in and re-aligning the whole mess was another fun issue that I tackled the second day. Everything managed to go back together after a few more hours and it was time to start it up.

I ended up running the motor for a few hours and not a drop of diesel came out of the new seal and everything appears to be nice and tight. I'm going to see about getting my engine oil checked after I put a few more hours on it as I changed the oil at the same time. Hopefully for only $20 and maybe 10 hours of time I did what would have taken about the same time for me plus about $700 for a shop rebuild of the fuel injector pump.

I really have no clue as to hours on the engine. I purchased the boat with the reduced price of not knowing much about the engine and so far it appears to be solid other than the now fixed fuel leak and a few small oil leaks around the head. Those leaks will be a near future project.

Thanks for the help.

Congratulations on your success. I am very pleased it turned out so well for you (I should only have been so lucky!). One of the most frustrating things about our boats is that many things are nearly impossible to reach/repair unless you are a relatively small person and very agile. It really can be a pain in the neck (literally!!!).

Take care... Good Sailing...

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