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Re: Boy killed by lightning in our anchorage, what would you do?

Lightning kills as it passes thru critical tissue, ie the heart and vital organs, fortunately because of its high frequency it is more likely to flash over the body, verses entering and exiting. Many time it's victims are burned at the skin level, their clothes shredded off and they survive.
Any electricity, even small amount can kill if it passes through and disrupts normal heart rhythm. Other tissue is cooked to the point of failure.
The best defense is to avoid, but if you can't avoid, there are things you can do to increase you chances of survival. The MOST beneficial thing would be to crouch, with you ankles touching and not hold with a hand hold. This makes you the lowest possible target, and by keeping you ankles together will allow the difference of potential to be confined to the feet and not travel through the legs. The current, if it is radiating will travel up a foot, cross at the contact point of the ankles, an exit the other foot. Remember, electricity is's only goal is to get to ground, the best and easiest way it can.
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