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Re: rammed:by the customs & border patrol

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
Yup, you guys are freer. Fully hands off. Congratulations. These interviews took place a few months prior to 9/11.

Is Canada A Safe Haven For Terrorists? | PBS - Trail Of A Terrorist | FRONTLINE | PBS

I only have a problem with the perceived tone that LEOs are, therefore, all joining in order to impose themselves on others. I fully disagree, at least in the US. Most are joining to protect, not impose. There are bad apples everywhere, even on sailboats. I do agree that you can't do the job as an LEO, unless you are willing to impose. Just like you can't be a school teacher either. You must be willing to tell Johnny to sit in his seat and listen, whether he wants to or not. But, that's not why you took the job.
The 911 terrorists didn't need Canada, they got their training and everything else they needed in the US. Rassam could have easily crossed the border and acquired everything he needed to make his explosives ,in the US.
The US, with automatic weapons and military hardware so easily available, is a far safer haven for terrorists. What Uncle Sam is saying, when he calls Canada a "Safe haven for terrorists" is he doesn't want an example to how much more freedom and respect for human rights one can have, so close and easily accessible to Usanians, for fear they may end up demanding the same. He wants us to lower our standards to theirs, so theirs will be more readily accepted .

Laws governing Mounties ( commissioner's standing orders) and no doubt other police forces, make it illegal for a cop not to back up another cop, no matter how sleazy the other cop is being. Thus they make honest cops carry the dishonest ones like millstones on their backs, in terms of reduced public support and credibility.
" NO Sergeant Renfrew, altho he is your colleague and partner , he is definitely not your friend."

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