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Re: rammed:by the customs & border patrol

The sheeps of US...funny how they link economics and freedom......If you want economic power gotta sacrifice your freedom....ya 'bout that...bite me.....

As far as I am concerned the only reason for the increased police state tactics of the US is only about money...economics....simple as that......If you cannot see that in order to justify their existence they need to hassle even those who in spirit try and follow the law get screwed. Papers/blogs are full of stories of where the po po exceed their authorized duties. Now that the legislative branch of the government has given broader non-constituitional power (backed by the supremes who think corporations are people) well...guess what??? Peeps are gonna start to make waves and become "terrorists" You want to know how easy it is to get on the "no fly" list?? For oppositional/difference of opinion reasons only??
America is only about the money, has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with any ideal other than economic supremacy. So yes, the C.G. is gonna stop Joe under 40 footer riding the waves but I have yet to see them stop anybody bigger than a 50 footer......

The US is a senile country undergoing decline. With enough money, you can "break" any law with in the US. It is always about the benjies......At least the poor people of the US are not even so stupid or deluded to believe otherwise.
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