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Re: Dehumidifier in wet/rain PNW?

Has anyone tried a desiccant wheel based dehumidifier? I came across this page about one and it seems like a good fit for my boat, since it works in cold temperatures. I don't live aboard or heat my boat. So in the winter it's going to be 45-35 degrees inside most of the time.

Typically dehumidifiers use a cold plate, cooled by either a peltier element in the tiny 1pt ones and a compressor in the large ones. The air is cooled on the plate and some water condenses out to drip down into the bucket.

If the air is already cold, then the cold plate can't cool it as much and thus is less effective. The cold plate can also ice up. Most compressor dehumidifiers list a minimum operating temperature of 42F for this reason.

A desiccant wheel dehumidifier blows the air through a desiccant, then the desiccant is heated in an area where the water will be captured. They can also work down to just above freezing and continue to work in cold temperatures.

Without a compressor they are also lighter and quieter, but use more power for the heater.

There seems to be a few modules sold in Europe, like the one in the link above, but I can't find them for sale in the US. The only one I can find for sale here is the SPT SD-014V

Compared to the typical 30pt compressor models it's lighter, 18# vs 31# and works down to 33.8 degrees vs 41. But it uses more power and is only rated at 12pt/day instead of 30. Of course it's less than 41 degrees on my boat now so a compressor model would be doing 0 pt.

I can't find any reviews for this thing. Anyone used one? Or another like it? Are their hidden problems, like the desiccant fills with salt and stops working when used on a boat in salt water, or they use way too much power for how much water they can extract?
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